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A Galaxy of tools at your fingertips inside of Broad Institutes Terra

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Verily, an Alphabet company, and Microsoft Corp. are developing the Terra platform to accelerate new innovations in biomedicine. Read more about how Terra and Galaxy aligns beautifully in the new blog post entitled "A Galaxy of tools at your fingertips".

One of our biggest feature developments so far this year has been the addition of Galaxy, the popular open-source bioinformatics application, to Terra’s interactive analysis portfolio.

Galaxy is widely known for making bioinformatics more accessible to life sciences researchers who don’t have a programming background thanks to its simple, user-friendly interface and the wealth of community-contributed tools that are available in its built-in “tool shed”. It’s also notable for its worldwide training network, extensive educational resources and key features that support teaching and remote learning, as recently described in the PLOS Computational Biology paper Fostering accessible online education using Galaxy as an e-learning platform by Beatriz Serrano-Solano and colleagues.

All of this aligns beautifully with Terra’s philosophy of expanding access to sophisticated computational tools, supporting collaboration and empowering educators in addition to researchers, so we’re thrilled to report that Galaxy is now available in Terra as a fully-functional application.