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Women in Data Science 2021 - Perspectives in Industry and Academia - Join Bayer AG and de.NBI / ELIXIR Germany event

Last June 18th, Bayer AG (as a member of the de.NBI Industrial Forum) and de.NBI/ELIXIR Germany organized a common event entitled "Women in Data Science - Perspectives in Industry and Academia", to show how attractive and diverse the job as a data scientist can be, regardless of whether it is industry or academia.


Agenda | --- | --- Opening address | WiDS network at Bayer AG | Arwa Al-Dilaimi, Bayer AG German network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure (de.NBI) | Tanja Dammann-Kalinowski, de.NBI Data Science - Perspectives in Industry | Where great minds can make a difference: Working for Bayer | Veronica Lopez Remus, Bayer AG Digitally capable: How science, technology and innovation helps you to build a resilient career | Catherine Sirven, Bayer AG My career experience as biostatistician and project manager | Erica Manesso, Bayer AG Data Science - Perspectives in Academia | ELIXIR - Data for Life | Katharina Lauer, ELIXIR How I developed my career in data science: role models, training, mentoring and community | Bérénice Batut, University of Freiburg, de.NBI Woman power in data curation and data management | Ulrike Wittig, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, de.NBI Panel discussion | {:.table.table-striped}

Nearly 150 participants worldwide attended this 2h30m event to discuss and exchange on Women in Data science topic, perspective in Industry and Academia! The feedback was overwhelming. A second "Women in Data Science – Perspectives in Industry and Academia" is planned in Autumn 2021! Stay tuned!

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