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UseGalaxy.eu Use Case: colorectal cancer research

Amir Sabbaghian is using Galaxy at the Advance Technologies Faculty, Golestan University of Medical Sciences Campus (Iran) for colorectal cancer research. Thank you Amir for sharing your work with us!

Description of the project:

miRNAs with low fluctuations in blood samples of normal people and their comparison in patients with colorectal cancer have been evaluated via in silico methods. The aim is to design miRNA based panels to detect colorectal cancer in the very early stages. This is now validated with qPCR. Previous studies with similar analyses in pancreatic cancer without wet lab work, just in silico. Other projects (soon to be published) are:

  1. PI3k/Akt is the main pathway of cisplatin resistance in triple-negative breast cancer (Dr Memar).
  2. Profiling pseudogenes with the least oscillation in the blood of healthy individual's compared to the blood of breast cancer patients (Mr Ramezanian).
  3. Transcriptomics profiling with the least oscillation in the blood of healthy individuals compared to their blood of breast cancer patients (Ms Ahmadi).
  4. Network and pathway-based drug repurposing for COVID-19 treatment (Ms Mirmohammadi).