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Training Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS) is sponsored by EOSC-Life

Anyone providing training is eligible to request the use of this service.

__TIaaS (Training Infrastructure as a Service)__ provides a special queue in the server so that, during the execution of a workshop, __the trainees’ jobs are run preferentially__ without waiting in the general job queue of the server. The main advantage of this system is that the workshop can run smoothly avoiding possible waiting execution times depending on the load of the server.

The service is free of charge and there is no need for technical expertise from the trainers’ side to maintain or administrate a Galaxy instance. The trainers have also the possibility of checking the progress in which the trainees are through a TIaaS dashboard. This feature is GDPR compliant and particularly valuable for the trainer to get real-time status reports of the different steps the trainees are executing at a given time.

Both the trainers and the trainees have access to an extensive catalogue of FAIR training materials on different scientific areas, accessible at the Galaxy Training Network (GTN). These tutorials, created and curated by the GTN community, in combination with the computational resources from the European Galaxy Server reserved through TIaaS, simplifies many of the tasks of the trainers.

Anyone providing training is eligible to request the use of this service. To use this special queue, trainers just need to fill out a form indicating the number of attendees, the start and end dates of the training activity, and what kind of analysis will be run during the workshop. The European Galaxy team then processes the request and gets back to the requesting trainer. The trainers share their experiences with TIaaS that can be useful for other trainers as well in a blog posts.

We would like to thank EOSC-Life for the support and all the trainers that are using TIaaS for organising training activities!