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Announcing the Workflows Community Initiative (WCI)

Workflow Community initiative

The Workflows Community Initiative (WCI) has launched the new website at workflows.community.

The Freiburg Galaxy team is part of this Inititive to help improving computational workflows for everyone. Feel free to also join us on this mission.

The website lists some workflow systems. Feel free to suggest to us other actively-developed open source systems that are not currently listed. Also, there is a rich set of metadata information that these systems could provide by adding a “.wci.yml” file to their system’s repository (more information).

If you have any related events, please feel free to suggest other workflow-related events not currently listed in the website. You can also use the contribute feature.

And last but not least, feel free to suggest your workflow-related job openings to be added to the website. You can also use the contribute feature.

We have also other collections in the website that we are still working on (registries, working groups, research frameworks, etc.), but you are welcome to explore and suggest ideas.