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New Paper "Creating a good learning and sharing environment for bioinformatics"

Tomas Klingström and J.I. Ohlsson have published a paper about the use of BioContainers, Galaxy, and the GTN Training material for bioinformatics researchers. Congratulations to this nice publication and thanks for using the European Galaxy server and sharing your results with us!

Abstract: Most bioinformatics researchers create their own working environments depending on their training, access to computing resources and what advice they receive from other researchers. This makes the development of training programs difficult as much knowledge and work is locked into each researcher’s unique computing environment for data analysis. Using software container solutions such as Biocontainers and a ‘one image per task’ coding pattern when developing a workflow, it is easy for an application expert to rewrite workflows for research, training and dissemination of new workflows for analysing data. This paper describes the reasoning behind this approach which is now being tested in a collaboration between livestock researchers in Sweden and South Africa.