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Building blocks for a sustainable operating model of the EuroScienceGateway

Work Package 4 of the EuroScienceGateway project

The fourth Work Package (WP4) of the EuroScienceGateway project will extend the EuroScienceGateway components (Pulsar and Galaxy) to allow users to integrate the existing computing and storage resources that they have access to (e.g. with cloud credits or HPC credentials for computing resources, and S3 buckets or data repositories via OneData/iRODs) into their own Galaxy accounts without requiring the intervention of system administrators to perform manual configuration on the running infrastructure. This is what we call "Bring Your Own Compute (BYOC)" and "Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS)", and will empower users to extend their local quota limits with new access models via external resources to execute their analytic workflows. As the number of external resources grow, WP4 will also implement a smart job-scheduling system to optimise the location of each task considering data locality and user preferences (e.g. carbon-footprint, performance, cost).