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Freiburg Galaxy team at the ELIXIR All Hands Meeting 2023

From June 5th to 8th, several members from the Freiburg Galaxy team travelled to Dublin, Ireland to participant and present their work at the ELIXIR All Hands Meeting 2023

Update: the official ELIXIR meeting report can be found on F1000Research:

ELIXIR All Hands Dublin 2023 – Setting the stage for the ELIXIR 2024-28 Scientific Programme

During 5-8th of June, members of the European Galaxy team travelled to Dublin to join the ELIXIR All Hands meeting 2023. Some of us travelled by plane, but Björn and Wolfgang took the ferry:

In Dublin, we joined other colleagues from ELIXIR-DE

All over the 4 days of the meeting, there was a broad presence of Galaxy across the different workshops, symposia, plenary sessions, and posters. We will highlight in this post some of this presence.


Day 1 - June 5

On the first day, Wolfgang gave the talk Galaxy - Galaxy workflows for taking viral genomic surveillance beyond SARS-CoV-2, in the Biodiversity, Food Security and Pathogens mini-symposium.

Day 2 - June 6

On the morning of the 2nd day, Björn together with Nicola Soranzo ran the workshop Scaling user support: Galaxy from a service perspective.

In the afternoon, Björn participated in the plenary session ELIXIR’s project portfolio: where we are and where we are going, where he talked about EuroScienceGateway.

Later, during the ELIXIR as a Network of Services symposium, Bérénice talked about "Developing Galaxy as part of an international Network". In parallel in the Reproducible Analytics & Infrastructure symposium, Björn talked more about the technical aspects of the "Galaxy Analytics Ecosystem"

Day 3 - June 7

On the morning of the 3rd day, Pavan talked about "Galaxy and single-cell omics developments" as part of the workshop Surveying single-cell needs across ELIXIR Communities.

June 8 - Day 4

During the final plenary, Jeff Christiansen from Australian Biocommons highlighted the collaboration with Galaxy Europe:


We also participated in the poster sessions with 6 posters:

SebastianA robust, scalable, seamlessly integrated open infrastructure for data-driven researchPoster
Galaxy communitySensitive Data Accessing and Processing in GalaxyPoster
BéréniceAccessible and scalable pipelines for fast and easy (foodborne) pathogens detection and trackingWebsite, F1000
BéréniceGalaxy Training: A powerful framework for teaching!Website, F1000
BéréniceEstablishing the ELIXIR Microbiome communityWebsite, F1000
BéréniceOpen Life Science: A mentoring & training program for Open Science ambassadorsWebsite, F1000

The poster "Establishing the ELIXIR Microbiome community" won the Best poster award:

Thank You !

The European Galaxy team would like to thank the Galaxy community for all the contributions that were presented and ELIXIR for the fantastic organisation of this meeting.

ELIXIR All Hands participant picture

We were very happy to attend this in-person meeting and we are already looking forward to joining next year in Uppsala!