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EuroScienceGateway project: new EGI Check-in and WLCG IAM backends available in python-social-auth

Python-social-auth release 4.5.0 includes two new backends contributed by EuroScienceGateway

Galaxy supports python-social-auth for authentication and authorization with federated identity systems. Release 4.5.0 of this library includes two new backends contributed by EuroScienceGateway Project: EGI Check-in and WLCG IAM.

EGI Check-in brings eduGAIN and other authentication sources in a REFEDS RnS and Sirtfi compliant service that ensures security without compromising productivity. The WLCG IAM is the solution to power the next generation WLCG Authentication and Authorization infrastructure.

With both systems now available in python-social-auth, EuroScienceGateway project has started the implementation of the support in Galaxy, which will allow not just to authenticate with the new identities, but also further simplify the Bring Your Own Compute (BYOC) features of Galaxy so users credentials can be reused to access existing infrastructure computing services without the need for reauthentication.