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2021 Jun 09Meaghan McConlogue

from Terra Blog

A Galaxy of tools at your fingertips

Galaxy is now available in all flavors of the Terra platform.

2021 May 28Beatriz Serrano-Solano


Galaxy Resources for ... Webinars Summary

Watch them now.

2021 May 07Alex Mahmoud, Nuwan Goonasekera, Keith Suderman, Enis Afgan

from the Galactic Blog

Galaxy Helm chart v4.0

From dev to testing to production on the same stack.

2021 May 03Mehmet Tekman, Beatriz Serrano-Solano


Plant Transcriptomics Workshop: A Summary

New platform, new learners, new paradigms.

2021 Apr 29Simon Bray, Wolfgang Maier, Beatriz Serrano-Solano and Björn Grüning


Monitoring of raw open data for SARS-CoV-2 genome surveillance is now automatically collecting, and analyzing raw sequencing data published by the COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium (COG-UK).

2021 Mar 24Nolan Woods

from Innovate Invent

Tips and tricks for Galaxy

"a useful bag of tricks and tools"

2021 Mar 15Saskia Hiltemann, Helena Rasche

from Gallantries Blog

GTN Smörgåsbord: A Global Galaxy Course

A report on the largest Galaxy event ever.

2021 Mar 01Enis Afgan

from GalaxyWorks Blog

How to choose the Galaxy that works for you

With hundreds of options available to use Galaxy, how do you pick the right one for you?

2021 Feb 22Wolfgang Maier, Marius Van Den Beek, Björn Grüning, Sergei Kosakovsky Pond, Anton Nekrutenko, and the Galaxy Team in US, EU, and AU

from the Galactic Blog

Global framework for SARS-CoV-2 data analysis: Application to intrahost variation

Parts 1 and 2

2021 Feb 08Dan Blankenberg

from GalaxyWorks Blog

Change a datatype on multiple datasets

2021 Feb 03Kelli Shute, Enis Afgan

from Trusted CI Blog

Trusted CI and SGCI Collaborate to Secure the Galaxy Science Gateway Platform

On the path toward Galaxy security compliance

2021 Feb 01Helena Rasche

from Gallantries Blog

Galaxy Admin Training with the Gallantries

Lessons learned

2021 Jan 30Wolfgang Maier


New and updated CNV and Variant Calling tools

on and in the Toolshed

2021 Jan 29Geraldine Van der Auwera

from Terra Blog

Try out Galaxy in Terra via AnVIL

Your own personal Galaxy

2021 Jan 22Wolfgang Maier, Björn Grüning


Variant Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Sequencing Data

January 2021 update

2020 Dec 31Beatriz Serrano-Solano, Björn Grüning


The European Galaxy Server in 2020

What a shitty year! But it’s over and we hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

2020 Dec 22Beatriz Serrano-Solano, Muhammet Celik


Open Life Science program & the Galaxy community

involvement in OLS-2 and invitation to apply to the next cohort

2020 Nov 26Anne Fouilloux

from EOSC-Nordic

Insights from the first cross-training between EOSC-Life and EOSC-Nordic

Galaxy as a common platform

2020 Nov 24Freiburg Galaxy Team


Activity report of the last 5 years of the Freiburg Galaxy Team

Crucial infrastructure serving more than 22,000 researchers

2020 Nov 20Peter Bickerton

from Earlham Institute

Accessible single-cell RNA-sequencing bioinformatics training using Galaxy

2020 Oct 14Leighton Pritchard


Teaching Advanced Microbiology with Galaxy and TIaaS

Addressing challenges the global coronavirus pandemic

2020 Sep 15Alireza Khanteymoori, Björn Grüning, and Beatriz Serrano-Solano


Remote training using Galaxy

Lessons learned from our ELIXIR Galaxy Machine Learning Workshop

2020 Aug 28Peter van Heusden

from SASBi News

Bioinformatics training in Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bioinformatics online

2020 Aug 26Dave Clements

from the Galactic Blog

Galaxy: the first 10,000 pubs

The Galaxy Publication Library hits a milestone

2020 Aug 22Björn Grüning and Beatriz Serrano-Solano


3 steps to get your tool into Galaxy

A real-world example

2020 Aug 13BCC2020 Organizers

from BCC2020

Lessons learnt from organizing a virtual conference (BCC2020)

2020 Jul 27Chris Armit

from GIGABlog

Birthdays and Online Conferences go Viral. ISMB2020 & BCC2020 in the time of COVID-19

Meetings In the Time of Coronavirus: Conferences go Viral

2020 Jul 27Anne Fouilloux


Climate Science at BCC2020

July has been a very busy month for Galaxy Climate

2020 Jul 19StreetScience


The landscape of SARS-CoV-2 RNA modifications

Studying the RNA modifications of SARS-CoV-2 to improve understanding of SARS viruses

2020 Jul 16Nuwan Goonasekera, Alexandru Mahmoud, Mohamad Safadieh, Enis Afgan

from the Galactic Blog

GVL 5.0-beta4: data browser, project-level isolation, and Galaxy 20.05

The GVL workbench now integrated through data

2020 Jun 29Emily Lescak

from Code for Science & Society Blog

Go global and go affordable

How BCC2020 went online

2020 Jun 22Alexandru Mahmoud, Nuwan Goonasekera, Enis Afgan

from the Galactic Blog

Multi-tenant, multi-project GVL with Galaxy, Jupyter, Terminal, and RStudio

Complete analysis on one platform, including training and collaboration

2020 Apr 24Alexandru Mahmoud, Nuwan Goonasekera, Luke Sargent, Enis Afgan

from the Galactic Blog

GVL 5.0-beta2 release

30% faster and single sign-on, ohh my

2020 Apr 23Björn Grüning


Multi-omics Visualization Platform: An extensible Galaxy plug-in for multi-omics data visualization and exploration

a visualization plug-in that extends Galaxy-P’s advantages into the visualization of large, complex datasets

2020 Apr 15Michael Thompson

from OBF

Galaxy Admin 2020 and beyond

Everything about Galaxy is Ansible!

2020 Apr 14Magnus Ø. Arntzen


Integrative meta-omics analysis

Integrative meta-omics analysis - Metagenomics, Metatranscriptomics, Metaproteomics

2020 Feb 14Enis Afgan, Nuwan Goonasekera, Alexandru Mahmoud, Alex Ostrovsky, the GVL and Galaxy teams

from the Galactic Blog

With Love: The All-new GVL 5.0 (beta)

Now more reliable, with better security, and with new features.

2020 Jan 07Yvan Le Bras, Simon Bénateau

from the Galactic Blog

Crowdsourcing citizen science data on

Galaxy for Ecology, mixing Ecology research, Citizen Science and Massively Multi Online Science

2019 Dec 18Stephan Beck

from Personal Genome Project UK blog

Reaching for the stars: PGP-UK multi-omics data now also available on Galaxy Europe

Galaxy is particularly useful for anyone seeking training in multi-omics analyses and creating of workflows.

2019 Nov 20Ivan Kuzmin


gProfiler is published and running on

A toolset for functional enrichment analysis and conversions of gene lists.

2019 Nov 14Ben Orsburn

from News in Proteomics Research

Great GalaxyP Tutorials hosted at

The arguments are building up for why you need this

2019 Nov 02Tomas Klingstrom


Sweden + South Africa Training Update

Agricultural Sciences collaboration between Swedish University of Agricultural sciences researchers and the Agricultural Research Council in South Africa

2019 Oct 23European Galaxy Team


Use the power of pandas / numpy to transform tabular datasets on

Drop or duplicate given rows or columns from a tabular dataset, filter rows or columns on their properties, replace or transform table elements, ...

2019 Aug 17Tobias Neumann



SLAMseq analysis for nucleotide-conversion sequencing datasets

2019 Aug 06Anika Erxleben, Helena Rashce, Björn Grüning


Galaxy Community Conference

A brief summary

2019 Aug 05Björn Grüning


The Galaxy Genome Annotation Project

Scaling Genome Annotation for the Masses

2019 Jul 29Dave Clements

from the Galactic Blog

Looking for Galaxy (info), in all the right places

Which are dangerously close to the wrong places...

2019 Jul 23Dave Clements, Martin Cech, Mo Heydarian, Hans-Rudolf Hotz and Nicola Soranzo

from the Galactic Blog

Galaxy on Twitter: An Update

What's happening, right now

2019 Jul 08Erin Becker, Francois Michonneau

from Carpentries Blog

22 Months in the Making: New (Carpentries) Genomics Curriculum Release

What goes into a major lesson update?

2019 May 30Enis Afgan and Nuwan Goonasekera

from the Galactic Blog

Enabling cloud bursting for Galaxy

Expand your compute horizons.

2019 Apr 15Enis Afgan and Vahid Jalili

from the Galactic Blog

Building up support for the Google Cloud Platform in Galaxy

Get on the cloud, Google Cloud!

2019 Apr 02Björn Grüning

from the Galactic Blog

A sneak peak at GCC2019

New scheduling format this year

2019 Feb 28Mo Heydarian

from the Galactic Blog

Interview with Nate Coraor: CVMFS & Galaxy

Find out about Galaxy's favorite filesystem

2019 Jan 15Bérénice Batut

from the Galactic Blog

Tutorial of the Month: "Genome annotation with Prokka", selected by Simon Gladman

2018 Dec 27Ben Orsburn

from News in Proteomics Research

Hey Galaxy People! Want easy proteo-transcriptomics!??!

QuanTP is a great new gap bridging tool!

2018 Dec 12Martin Čech

from the Galactic Blog

Contributor of the Month: Simon Gladman

2018 Nov 27Ming Chen

from Staton Lab

Galaxy Tool Generator (GTG)

A web application for developing Galaxy tools through web interfaces

2018 Nov 15Bérénice Batut

from the Galactic Blog

Tutorial of the Month: "Reference-based RNA-Seq data analysis", selected by Saskia Hiltemann

2018 Nov 01Martin Čech

from the Galactic Blog

Contributor of the Month: Saskia Hiltemann

2018 Oct 15Bérénice Batut

from the Galactic Blog

Tutorial of the Month: "Galaxy 101", selected by Yvan Le Bras

2018 Oct 01Björn Grüning

from the Galactic Blog

Contributor of the Month: Yvan Le Bras

Citizen Science and Galaxy for Ecology

2018 Sep 28Bérénice Batut

from the Galactic Blog

Tutorial of the Month: Maria Doyle selected "From peaks to genes"

2018 Sep 17Christina Hall

from EMBL-ABR News

Hybrid training delivers online participatory training to far-reaching venues

Hybrid training delivers online participatory training to far-reaching venues, with Galaxy of course

2018 Sep 05Björn Grüning

from the Galactic Blog

Contributor of the Month: Carrie Ganote

2018 Aug 30Peter Briggs

from Galactic Engineer

Mercurial-based tool installation issues in Galaxy 18.05

Seeing "Error cloning repository: [Errno 2] No such file or directory"?

2018 Aug 01Björn Grüning

from the Galactic Blog

Contributor of the Month: Pablo Moreno

2018 Jun 15Bérénice Batut, on behalf of the Galaxy Training Network

from the Galactic Blog

A fruitful year for the Galaxy Training material

2018 Feb 01Arun Decano

from arundecano: Research Findings & World Wanderings blog

Coding in the Winter Wonderland: Galaxy Admin Training in Oslo, 2018

2018 Jan 08Ming Chen

from Staton Lab

Galaxy R Markdown Tools

Using R Markdown as a framework to develop Galaxy tools

2017 Dec 12Tomas Klingström

from the Galactic Blog

Galaksio: a Galaxy user interface focused on running prepared workflows

Make your workflows more accessible to non-bioinformaticians

2017 Dec 11Tomas Klingström

from Freiburg Galaxy Team Blog

Bioinformatic training with the B3Africa project

Training using the Galaksio interface

2017 Dec 01Vimalkumar Velayudhan

from Vimalkumar Velayudhan's Blog

Setup your own instance of the Galaxy Bioinformatics platform on DigitalOcean

Setup a DigitalOcean droplet with Galaxy, Apache and PostgreSQL

2017 Nov 08B. Grüning

from the Galactic Blog

Galaxy Docker 17.09

CVMFS and Singularity support

2017 Oct 16Dave Clements

from the Galactic Blog

Galaxy: the first 5,000 pubs

The Galaxy Publication Library hits a milestone

2017 Oct 16Anton Nekrutenko

from the Galactic Blog

Small genome assembly in Galaxy

Why not to do assembly on-line?

2017 Oct 10Björn Grüning

from the Galactic Blog

SciPy and scikit-learn integration into Galaxy

2017 Oct 06Helena Rasche

from the Galactic Blog

Public Galaxy Server Dashboard

a new view of the Universe

2017 Oct 05Frederik Coppens, Gildas Le Corguillé, Björn Grüning

from the Galactic Blog

ELIXIR establishes a new official Community for Galaxy

2017 Oct 04Dave Clements

from the Galactic Blog

Welcome to the Galactic Blog

It needs you

2017 Sep 20Ben Orsburn

from News in Proteomics Research

APOSTL -- A staggering number of Galaxy AP-MS tools in a user friendly interface!

where all the Galaxy tools for Affiniity purification/enrichment MS experiments are located in a form where we all can use them

2017 Aug 01Jeffrey Perkel

from Naturejobs Blog

TechBlog: Jupyter Joins the Galaxy

Working with data programmatically inside Galaxy

2017 Jul 31Hollydawn Murry

from F1000 Research blog

Intergalactique – the Galaxy Community Conference 2017

a run down of this year's Galaxy Community Conference

2017 Jul 25Simon Gladman

from Melbourne Bioinformatics Projects Blog

Elixir, CLIMB, Sanger and the Galaxy Community Conference

UK, UK, UK, and France

2017 May 29Paul Gordon

from ACHRI Bioinformatics

The ungoogleable: Authenticating a Galaxy Portal with Active Directory

How to configure Apache to authenticate a user against an LDAP server that requires authentication to search

2017 Apr 28Scott Edmunds

from (GIGA)Blog

Guardians of the Galaxy Workflow

Galaxy Series, Volumes 1-12

2017 Apr 25Peter Briggs

from Galactic Engineer

Securing Galaxy with HTTPS running with Nginx using Let’s Encrypt

Secure communication between a Galaxy instance and its users

2017 Mar 17Nathan Bott

from Dell EMC Emerging Technologies Blog

Galaxy: A Workflow Management System for Modern Life Sciences Research

Focus on the data

2017 Mar 10Rafa Hernández

from Docker Galaxy Stable Docs

How to upgrade a Galaxy Docker image

A step by step guide

2016 Nov 02Chase Miller

from iobio Blog

IOBIO Now in Galaxy

bam.iobio and vcf.iobio can now be launched directly from galaxy using your data already stored there.

2016 Sep 20Björn Grüning

from (GIGA)Blog

Conda as a new standard for Galaxy tool dependencies

For deployment issues, we need a package manager that is operating system and programming language agnostic...

2016 Aug 24Greg Von Kuster

from Greg Von Kuster's GitHub

Galaxy tools for Constructive Solid Geometry

Galaxy CSG flavor

2016 Jul 13Igor Makunin

from Genomics Virtual Lab – Queensland

Moving data between Galaxy instances [hub page]

A howto guide on getting data from one instance to another.

2016 Jun 20Marius van den Beek

from Docker Galaxy Stable Docs

Running Jobs Outside the Galaxy Docker Container

Instructions on how to do this ...

2016 Mar 03Alex Kanterakis

from Alexandros Kanterakis's Gist

Setting up Galaxy with TORQUE on AWS

A basic guide on how to setup Galaxy with TORQUE in an EC2 instance

2015 Dec 14Nicole Nogoy

from (GIGA)Blog

We Wish You a GigaChristmas: A 2015 Wrap-Up

a summary of our recent technical developments

2015 Dec 08Mikael Loaec, Olivier Inizan

Testing connexion between Galaxy and iRODS

Testing the connexion of Galaxy to iRODS object store.

2015 Oct 21Steve Cassidy

from Steve Cassidy's blog

Galaxy Tool Generating Datasets

How to generate dataset collections from a Galaxy tool

2015 Oct 09Peter van Heusden

from low order magic

How Galaxy resolves tool dependencies (or not)

Explanation of Galaxy's tool dependency definitions that specify how to source the actual packages that implement the tool’s commands

2015 Jul 30Hans-Rudolf Hotz

from the Galactic Blog

Moving from MySQL to PostgreSQL

It is pretty simple, though you might hit some obstacles depending on how old your MySQL server is and how much you have manually interfered with the database.

2015 Jul 12Benedikt Rauscher, Benjamen White

from Benjamen White's Blog

BioJS2Galaxy - A step by step guide

A simple step by step guide on how to use Sebastian Wilzbach’s application, biojs2galaxy.

2015 Jun 02Peter Briggs

from Galactic Engineer

Exposing Galaxy reports via nginx in a production instance

Outline how I've done this for our local Galaxy set up, which uses nginx.

2015 Apr 22Peter Briggs

from Galactic Engineer

Using GALAXY_SLOTS with multithreaded Galaxy tools

Using GALAXY_SLOTS with multithreaded Galaxy tools

2015 Mar 18Peter Briggs

from Galactic Engineer

Installing ANNOVAR in Galaxy

A HOWTO for installing ANNOVAR in Galaxy

2015 Mar 17Peter Briggs

from Galactic Engineer

Custom Google web searches for Galaxy help

Astronomy, phones, sports teams, chocolate, cars. Not.

2015 Feb 28Peter Briggs

from Galactic Engineer

FTP upload to Galaxy using ProFTPd and PBKDF2

How to implement ProFTPd using PBKFD2 protocol for encryption

2015 Feb 28Pierre Lindenbaum


Integrating a Java Program in Galaxy

Example showing how to install a Java program as a tool in a Galaxy instance

2014 Nov 27Nicole Nogoy

from (GIGA)Blog

Getting Techy With It: GigaScience Technology Update 2014

GigaGalaxy and “bring your own” data parties

2014 Sep 01Tracey Timms-Wilson

from The Bio-Linux at the NERC Environmental 'Omics Synthesis Centre series

Overview of Galaxy on Bio-Linux 8

Want to run Galaxy under Bio-Linux 8?

2014 Jun 10William Holtz

from the Galactic Blog

Setting up a secure tool shed with remote authentication

Requires some tweaks in order to allow Galaxy to communicate with the Tool Shed

2014 Apr 24Scott Edmunds

from (GIGA)Blog

All systems go at ICSB 2014 and the Great GigaScience and Galaxy (G3) workshop

Tackling irreproducible research

2014 Mar 28Olivier Inizan, Mikael Loaec

from Puppet Forge

Basic Galaxy Puppet Module

A puppet module for a very basic galaxy server (use for development)

2014 Feb 06Scott Edmunds

from (GIGA)Blog

Rewarding Reproducibility: First Papers in our Galaxy Series utilizing our GigaGalaxy platform

GigaScience moves toward more interactive articles

2014 Jan 27Tim Booth

from the Galactic Blog

Problem with logout when using LDAP for authentication with remoteUser enabled

Make changes to 4 Galaxy configuration files

2013 Dec 05Contributors

from IFB Galaxy Work Group Wiki

Tool Integration Short Tutorial

Documents best practices for tool integration

2013 Oct 27Sarah Maman, Nabihoudine Ibou

from IFB Galaxy Work Group Wiki

IGV Integration

How to set up IGV-Galaxy integration in Apache and Galaxy, including adding custom genomes

2013 Oct 23Contributors

from IFB Galaxy Work Group Wiki

Sharing workflows between servers

Process for sharing workflows, including wrapping necessary tools

2013 Oct 12Thomas Cokelaer

from BioServices Documentation

Using BioServices Python Library with Galaxy

A HOWTO on linking BioServices and Galaxy

2013 Jul 09Scott Edmunds

from (GIGA)Blog

#usegalaxy lights up northern skies

eye-wateringly expensive alcohol, brown cheese and reproducible research at the Galaxy Community Conference in Oslo

2013 Jul 09John Chilton

from CloudBioLinux Repo

CloudBioLinux Deployer CloudMan QuickStart

How to build CloudMan instances from scratch using the CloudBioLinux deployer

2013 May 06Samuel Lampa

from Samuel's Tech Blog

Creating a Galaxy tool for R scripts that output images and PDFs

XML wrapper and R code

2013 Apr 10Contributors

from IFB Galaxy Work Group Wiki

Virtualization at URGI [hub page]

Documents creation of virtual machine ISO image

2013 Feb 21Brad Chapman

from CloudBioLinux Repo

Genome download & indexing using Galaxy rsync servers [hub page]

Python script in CloudBioLinux

2013 Jan 25Quang Trinh

from modENCODE-DCC: Galaxy GitHub Repo

Launch a customized modENCODE Galaxy on Amazon Web Services

A HOWTO guide

2013 Jan 01Kostas Karasavvas


Create Galaxy Tool from Taverna 2 Workflow

The workflow-to-galaxy Ruby Gem

Invalid dateDave Clements, ...

from the Galactic Blog

nn Galaxy Resources You Should Know About - 2019 Edition

Resources that will help you use Galaxy in your research