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Galaxy User Conference

The Freiburg Galaxy team will organize a local Galaxy User Conference from 15th to 16th of March 2018, and we would like to invite you all.

The idea is to gather interesting talks from our community about their applications and use cases of Galaxy, and learn from each other. We have invited special guests from important Galaxy hotspots from all over Europe and the US, and got already several confirmations - so this might become an international conference :). Furthermore, we want to celebrate that the Freiburg Galaxy server becomes the new usegalaxy.eu server - which is amazing for us!

As you see: Many new things are going on! So come to our Galaxy User Conference, get to know in person the Freiburg Galaxy Team, members of ELIXIR and de.NBI, and of course more Galaxy users.

We have reserved the lecture hall in the Otto-Krayer-Haus (in Freiburg/Germany). The conference will be free of any charge, and we have some limited travel budget if this is a problem for someone. However, we provide snacks and drinks and it would be fantastic if you could cancel your registration 2 weeks before if you cannot attend.

For a better planning on our side, please register for attendance of the conference and let us know if you like to talk about your research:


The program will be send around middle of February. Bjoern, on behalf of the Freiburg Galaxy Team