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Bioconda Collaboration Fest

Join us in Freiburg, join other events or organise your own local Bioconda Collaboration Fest

We are organizing a new collaboration fest for Bioconda and its ecosystem. This time we would like to organise it globally and decentralised. Feel free to join us in Freiburg, join other events or organise your own local Bioconda Collaboration Fest.

There is a lot to do! Here are a few ideas:

* Linting of the entire repo
* adding more jinja templates to make auto-updates and review easier
* adding DOI / bio.tools
* Reviewing package license, add missing ones
* Moving packages to conda-forge
* Documenting missing parts of Bioconda
* Missing tools - get started and contribute to Bioconda
* Go over all our issues
* Go over all the PRs

More information can be found here.

You don't know what Bioconda is, read our community manuscript and get involved (-:


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Lunch Options

Travel Options

From Basel airport to Freiburg you have two options:

  1. Take the train to Freiburg Hauptbahnhof (ICE or EC takes 30 min; Regio 60 min)
  2. Take the airport shuttle bus to Freiburg Hauptbahnhof (Timetable)

From Freiburg Hauptbahnhof to Venue you can walk or use local public transport (VAG):

  • Tram line map
  • Tram line: 4 to "Messe"
  • Tram stop: "Technische Fakultät"


Some suggestions for hotels (please check portals such as HRS, booking, etc.)

Hotel | Location | Website --------------------------------------------- | ------------------ | ---------- Hotel am Rathaus | Rathausgasse 4-8 | Website Hotel Barbara | Poststrasse 4 | Website Intercity Hotel Freiburg | Bismarckallee 3 | Website Stadthotel Freiburg Kolping Hotel & Gästehaus | Karlstr.7 | Website Ibis Freiburg Süd (bit more far away) | Bötzinger Str.76 | Website StayInn Hostel und Gästehaus | Stühlinger Str.24a | Website {:.table.table-striped}

Note: In Freiburg you sometimes have to pay an additional accommodation tax. For business trips this tax does not to be paid if your employer fills out this form. You will need to show this form to the hotel. {:.alert.alert-warning}


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