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Blended training event (Norway/Sweden) on the use of Climate data and Copernicus Climate Data Store

Use climate data to develop climate services for adaptation challenges.

C3S User Learning Services offers a high-quality blended training, consisting of free online learning resources and a face-to-face training session on the use of climate data to develop climate services for adaptation challenges.

The Copernicus Climate Data Store (CDS) is a database providing quality assured and free of charge climate information. In the CDS catalogue an extensive collection of climate datasets is available. In addition, an online toolbox allows users to build workflows and applications suited to their needs.

The blended training event focuses on helping the participants to develop a climate service using a climate adaptation case study.


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Important notes

  1. This training is free of charge and open to anyone living in Norway or Sweden. If you live in another European country, please check the Copernicus User Learning Services to join training sessions all over Europe.
  2. For more information and event registration, go to the Copernicus page event. For people living in Norway/Sweden but outside Oslo, Copernicus will be covering 70% of the travel cost + about 137 euros per night.
  3. For the Face to Face workshop (6th March), please register to the European Climate Galaxy and the Copernicus Climate Data Store to access Copernicus Climate data and to perform the analysis.


The blended training approach is based on self-paced learning supported by online resources available on the Learning Experience Platform and on a face to face session which encourages the practical application of the acquired knowledge on a climate change adaptation case study. Two online webinars organised in February and March 2020 are an integral part of the training event. The face to face event will be in Oslo.

  • First webinar: 19th of February, 10:00- 11:15h (local time) - Introduction to the blended training approach
  • Self-paced study and completion of assignments (10 hours)
  • Full day face-to-face event: 6th of March, (Oslo) – Flipped classroom (review your learning), hands-on practical activities, development of a climate change adaptation case study
  • Self-paced study and further elaboration of the climate adaptation case study (8 hours)
  • Final webinar: 27th of March, 10:00-11:30h (local time) - Presentation of case studies, discussion, and questions and answers session

Here is an overview of the program during the face to face event, Friday 6th of March 2020, 08.30h – 18.00h

  • Introduction
  • Questions and answers Assignment Level 2
  • Introduction of case studies and participants
  • Framing your case study and selecting parameters
  • Climate data: Reanalysis and Scenario data
  • Data extraction and easy visualization with galaxy interactive environments (Galaxy Panoply netCDF viewer and Galaxy JupyterLab for Ocean/Atmosphere/Land/Climate Python ecosystem) and the Galaxy Climate science workbench
  • Demonstration sides and applications
  • Exploring data for your case study in the different data sources
  • Planning and elaboration of the adaptation case study (Maria del Pozo)
  • Pitching the development of the case study (Case owners)
  • Evaluation of the day and next steps

Lunch Options

Lunch will be covered by Copernicus. We will make sure to offer sufficient vegetarian and vegan options. Please get in touch if you have special requirements.


Trainers - C3S User Learning Services

  • Spyros Paparrizos
  • Maria del Pozo Garcia

Support team - C3S User Learning Services

  • Janine Quist
  • Geralda de Waaij-Fonteijn

Local Trainers

  • Anne Fouilloux
  • Ann Mari Fjæraa
  • Semjon Schimanke