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Galaxy 17.09 released!

We just updated our Galaxy server to version 17.09! Actually this was done by H. Rasche, our new team member! Welcome Helena!

For a full list of the awesome new features please see the release notes

A few highlights (in no particual order)!

  • Tool describing tours - we hope this de-mystifies a few complicated tools


  • BAM files can be viewed know without converting them to SAM
  • Much enhanced data libraries! Thanks to Martin Cech the libraries got some much needed love and should be much faster
  • Tool loads should be much faster
  • In general the user interface (UI) was re-newed and many elements like workflow lists ... are now more modern Thanks to our intern Anup and Evgeny! But all this is just the beginning of some general effort that we will put into making the UI more pleseant
  • Switch tool version in the workflow editor
  • Tag's everywhere, also in data libraries. Use them to organise your work more efficiently

Making sense of Galaxy history: # tagging collections from Galaxy Project on Vimeo.

If you notice any issues, please do not hesitate to let us know