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de.NBI Training Infrastructure Feedback from Helena Rasche

and was wildly successful

We just wrapped up the Galaxy Admin Training week in Barcelona, Spain.

It went absolutely fantastically! We used infrastructure from de.NBI to host the VMs for the training event, students were spread across 40 Ubuntu VMs and we experienced zero issues. The network was fast, everyone had a great time.

Ok, we experienced one issue: everyone was too good at it! We blew through 5 days of content in only 3 due to an amazing group of participants who took to using Ansible immediately and with no issues. We ended up teaching 2 new days worth of contents that we had not initially planned to teach.

The Training Materials have been iterated upon to such a point that everyone can follow them without issue, everything is super well tested and ready to use.

If you want to follow along at home with what we did, check out the schedule from the week.

Thank you from the Galaxy Admin Training team! Helena