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New Galaxy Community Organization: Working Groups

The Galaxy community is undergoing an __organizational transformation__, with the main focus on improving the global coordination in different areas by defining [__Working Groups__](https://galaxyproject.org/community/wg/). The motivations behind this shift are the rapid growth of the community and its diversity.

The Working Groups are open to everyone, with members distributed across the globe, and assorted in the topics covered (admin, backend, UI/UX...). The set of working groups and their missions will evolve over time.

Each working group has the autonomy to organize themselves internally and is responsible for defining goals in each quarter of the year. Those goals, together with the input from the community and the steering committee, will be incorporated into the community roadmap.

The Working Groups provide entry points into the community for new members, will improve the communication between experts and will help with channelling the contributions.

This new organization has been discussed in two Developer Roundtables and the ELIXIR-Galaxy community has been informed in the monthly meetings.

If you want to contribute to a particular area, there are channels to get in touch with each Working Group. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.