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ISMB 2020 conference videos available on YouTube

In July 2020, the "Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology" (ISMB) took place as a virtual conference with several Galaxy related talks and posters that are now available on YouTube.

Bérénice Batut (Galaxy Team Freiburg) gave a keynote in the Education track: Empowering usable, and comprehensive bioinformatics training and Björn Grüning (Galaxy Team Freiburg) presented many of the ongoing COVID-19 Galaxy projects in the COVID-19 special track: Tools, Workflows and Infrastructure for Open and Reproducible Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Data.

Melanie Föll and Matthias Fahrner from the Schilling Lab (Institute for Surgical Pathology in Freiburg) presented new Galaxy functionalities for mass spectrometry based proteomics experiments. Melanie talked about Galaxy tools and workflows for the analysis of mass spectrometry imaging data and the application of the Galaxy tools to analyze a patient cohort. Matthias showed how proteomics data independent acquisition data can be analysed within the Galaxy framework: Democratizing DIA analysis on public cloud infrastructures via Galaxy talk and poster.

Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions!