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Win, Win, Win. When users support education programs to say thanks for free Galaxy resources

Providing computational resources for free is a challenging task. The Galaxy community is committed to open science and as such, it brings resources that researchers can use in the form of tools and education. As a public resource, those efforts need to go back to society, and this is one of these cases! We have received this letter and we loved it! Thank you so much!

Dear Galaxy Community, My name is M.C., and I just finished my masters in Turkey. I want to personally express my heartfelt appreciation for the services you provide in order to bring equality to education. I have been participating in the trainings of the Galaxy team which has been really useful for me and most importantly for free because it is really unlikely to get this kind of opportunity with nothing in return which I think is really invaluable. I have been learning from you folks a lot. Thus, in order to express my gratitude towards the Galaxy Project Community, I have made a small donation for the team, to a foundation that helps educate unfortunate orphans. You might have just received the certificate by now (from darussafaka.org). You folks are making the world a better place. It's just a small token of my gratitude towards the hard work of the galaxy community backend team.