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The Materials Science community within the EuroScienceGateway project

One of the most recent adopters of the Galaxy platfrom

The Materials Science community has just relatively recently adopted the Galaxy platform. This community is vast and the example chosen, within WP5 of the EuroScienceGateway (ESG) project, to show the benefits of the ESG services belongs to the field of muon spectroscopy (μSR).

Within this field, the Muon Spectroscopy Computational Project MSCP, based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the United Kingdom, is working on building software tools for modelling muon spectroscopy experiments. The MSCP has chosen Galaxy as the main platform to make these tools easily available to experimental muon scientists, and enable sharing of FAIR workflows for muon simulations. So far, many of the software tools developed by the MSCP have been incorporated into Galaxy following best practices; and we are now deploying a MuonGalaxy portal to leverage on the EuroScienceGateway services and foster Open Science practices in the muon science community. Our aims include improving interactions within the the muon science field well as connecting to the wider materials science community, including users of national facilities, such as muon and neutron sources, where there already are other early adopters of the Galaxy platform. Among them, scientists from the US at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which have developed the Galaxy instances to treat X-Ray data and neutron data.