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EGI Check-in now available as login option in UseGalaxy.eu

EuroScienceGateway project enables EGI users in UseGalaxy.eu

Manage Third-Party Identities in user preferences

EGI Check-in is a Identity and Access Management service that, with its systems and processes, allows you to assign a single digital identity to each entity, authenticate them when they log in, authorize them to access specified resources and monitor and manage these identities throughout their life cycle. After the release of the EGI Check-in plugin for python-social-auth, the EuroScienceGateway Project has added a new login option for users so they can use their existing EGI Check-in accounts to access the European Galaxy Server, thus facilitating the access to the services to the broad community of EGI users without any extra steps.

Login options in usegalaxy.eu

If you already have a valid Check-in account, login to UseGalaxy.eu now and start using the service. If you don't have one yet, register at least one of your identities in a new EGI Check-in account from here and use it to login to UseGalaxy.eu!

If you already have a Galaxy account and would like to connect it to your EGI account, you can go to the users preferences and click on Manage Third-Party Identities to link both accounts.

From there you can select the identity provider and after a successful login your accounts will be linked

External identities preferences