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Webinars: Galaxy Resources for ...

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The Galaxy ecosystem is very broad in scope and reaches many audiences, each one with different needs. To provide those different profiles with the resources available, four webinars have taken place during April and May for researchers, trainers & educators, tool developers and admins & infrastructure providers.

Dave Clements presented useful resources for researchers on the first session: the Galaxy Training Network (GTN), the different options to run analyses and how to get support from the community.

The second session encompassed exclusively training, starting with Saskia Hiltemann, who gave an overview of the use of the GTN for instructors, with some recent experiences on remote training. The rest of the webinar went all over the training stages: high-school with Christine Cucinotta, university with Miaomiao Zhou, research scientists with Subina Mehta, and the society at large with Bérénice Batut.

During the third webinar, Dan Blankenberg covered the resources for making tools available in the Galaxy ecosystem; Anthony Bretaudeau talked about "Dockerized Galaxy for Tool Publishing" and Petr Novák detailed the process to publish tools in your own public Galaxy server.

Finally, Gianmauro Cuccuru and Lucille Delisle highlighted resources for administering everything from a public instance with thousands of registered users to a local instance at a lab.

We would like to thank all the speakers for their time and effort that resulted in an engaged audience and lots of views on YouTube.