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Galaxy Resources for Educators & Trainers

Part of the Galaxy Resources Webinar Series


This webinar will highlight Galaxy resources for educators and trainers. It's part of the Galaxy Resources Webinar Series. Each webinar in that series highlights resources for a different audience.

Galaxy is an exceptional resource for teaching bioinformatics and other data sciences. The Galaxy Platform itself makes sophisticated analysis tools and workflows accessible to learners without requiring them to become system administrators or learn command line interfaces. Galaxy is a graphical user interface that only requires a browser, and allows students and teachers to focus on concepts, rather than compute infrastructure.

This webinar will highlight

  • Galaxy features that support learning and teaching. These include the ability to share datasets, analysis, and reusable workflows with everyone or specific users; visualization tools for understanding both analysis structure and the results the produce.
  • The Galaxy Training Network (GTN). The GTN provides and maintains a huge library of training materials covering a large percentage of the most popular topics in bioinformatics, and in other areas Galaxy has been applied as well. These materials are ready to use, and are backed by a vibrant online community.