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Galaxy Resources for Tool Developers

Part of the Galaxy Resources Webinar Series

This webinar will highlight Galaxy resources for tool developers. It's part of the Galaxy Resources Webinar Series. Each webinar in that series highlights resources for a different audience.

Galaxy is an excellent platform for increasing the visibility and use of computational tools in any domain that Galaxy has been applied to. If you develop computational analysis or visualization tools then this webinar will demonstrate how porting your tools to Galaxy can significantly increase their visibility and adoption.

This webinar will highlight

  • Why Galaxy? How integrating with the Galaxy ecosystem impacts your tools's visibility.
  • Bioconda and the Galaxy Toolshed. Wrapping your tool for Galaxy enables any Galaxy admin to easily install your tools.
  • Docker. Many groups make their tools easy to use by creating a Docker image that runs Galaxy and already has their tools, and example data and analysis already installed.
  • Set up a public Galaxy Server. Some groups also set up publicly accessible Galaxy servers that anyone on the web can use.

Note: Each of these options will be covered in more detail in a subsequent webinar series focusing on tool deployment in Galaxy.

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