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Galaxy Europe upgrades to Galaxy 23.1

We may have ancient buildings, but not an outdated Galaxy. The newest Galaxy release is now up and running.

Galaxy 23.1 is out! Check out the Galaxy 23.1 release blog post for all the details.

Dear Galaxy Europe users,

We are pleased to announce that Galaxy Europe has just successfully been upgraded to Galaxy 23.1! But how come? Galaxy 23.1 has not yet been officially released... That is right, we upgraded to the release candidate version. Until the official release is out, upstream changes will be regularly flowing to our repository.

Why did we upgrade early then? To minimize disruption. Galaxy Europe is least used during summer, and the active users count is smaller during the European night. Part of our team travelled to Australia to attend the Galaxy Community Conference last month. As they are still spending time with our Australian colleagues, we took advantage of the huge time zone gap to carry out the upgrade during the European night.

You may already have noticed some of the new features, such as the Carbon Emissions Reporting, but that is not all! If you are looking forward to know what is coming, the official announcement of the final release is coming soon. Stay tuned!