Citing Galaxy

Please cite Galaxy in any research that uses or extends Galaxy. Please cite the primary publication for project wide citations. There are also several publications on more specific topics that should be referenced when appropriate. Finally, there is a list of Galaxy Project publications by year.

Galaxy Publication Library

This page emphasizes publications from the core Galaxy team. However, the set of publications from the community is orders of magnitude larger. The Galaxy Group on Zotero lists published articles, conference proceedings, theses, book chapters and books that use, extend, reference or implement Galaxy in any way. The library contains thousands of publications all classified with ~19 Galaxy specific tags. See the Galaxy Publication Library page for more.

Which Galaxy?

If you used Galaxy in your methods, please specify which instances of Galaxy were used: Was it, one of other public Galaxy servers, cloud sevices, VMs or containers (see each resource's page for citation info), or a local install?

Some excellent examples (emphasis added):

Primary Publication

If you use, extend or reference Galaxy in your published work, please cite this publication:

This and other references are also available in GitHub as a CITATION file.

Citing Specific Galaxy Components / Features

Cite these papers if you want to cite a particular aspect of Galaxy.

Application Programming Interface (API)


Data Managers

DataSource Tools

External Display Applications

Interactive Environments





Citing Galaxy Web Resources

If you want to cite a particular URL on a Galaxy web site, see the Citing Medicine: NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers for how to cite web pages, wikis, and just about everything else.

If you want to include a general Galaxy URL, we encourage you to use one of these:

Galaxy Project Publications by Year

Papers about or using Galaxy with core team members as authors.


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