Galaxy Roadmap

This page contains short-term (6 to 12 months) roadmap of the project. It is organized by working groups.

User Interface and Experience

  1. Underlying infrastructure

    • Vue as the sole framework in primary app
    • Zero Backbone, Zero jQuery, single entry
    • Grids, Upload, FormElements
    • Rule Builder UX+Refactor
    • Testing for Accessibility
  2. History

    • Graph view
    • Architecture: new scroller
    • "Jump-to" bookmark
    • Collection-level versus dataset-level behavior
  3. Activity Bar
  4. Notification framework

    • Summary notification page
    • Badge on the activity bar
    • initial build-in notifications
    • API for sending notifications
  5. Visualisation

    • IGV.js replacing Trackster (with other options to come, including JBrowse, etc)
    • independent from client build, API-driven registry & build management
    • easier access to ITs and better management
  6. Dataset-view: tabbed interface in the middle pane

    • Comprehensive component for displaying all of a Dataset’s related sub-interfaces (display, viz, edit, info, etc.)
  7. Dateset-management related features

    • Design a good UX for Scratch history / History archival
  8. UI simplification: One button-type analyses

    • Select a well developed workflow and prototype a "one-click" type of analysis


  1. Underlying infrastructure

    • address limitations in the task execution framework
    • SQLAlchemy 2.0
    • FastAPI - Port (and document) more APIs to FastAPI
  2. Assist System WG

    • IDC
    • Pulsar hardening
    • Get the new ToolShed deployed
  3. User based object store

    • External stores
    • Scratch storage/histories
  4. federated and data-local computing on commercial cloud(s):

    • From .org, run an analysis on AWS/GCP that processes data on AWS/GCP and stores results on AWS/GCP
  5. Merge and harden the ToolShed replacement
  6. Push ITs to be considered "stable" (ToolShed ready)

Testing & Hardening

  1. Support other WG and new contributors to write tests

    • Expand testing tutorial
  2. Ongoing work on testing infrastructure with a focus on deployment tests
  3. Upgrade tests, test infrastructure for database access, add documentation
  4. Systematic improvement of test coverage:

    • Prioritize features that lack test coverage, are critical, and are known to break
    • Improve documentation on Galaxy's testing utilities: help write more/better tests using existing infrastructure
  5. Talk and write more about the testing efforts in Galaxy

Tools and workflows

  1. Improve subworkflow maintenance user story:

    • Replace / upgrade subworkflow, keep connections (as far as possible)
    • Workflows as trees
    • Link child and derived workflows back to parent workflows
  2. Execution of workflow and tool tests using embedded Pulsar by default

    • Harden Pulsar support; less work for admins to route tools to non-pulsar destinations
    • Support for sending steps that require large resources to external TES server
  3. Improve support for job caching framework
  4. Step javascript expressions
  5. A website for IWC workflows
  6. Workflow development

    • IWC procedure for workflow submission will benefit from simplification
    • Workflow editor improvements

      • making workflow elements selectable, copyable, and pastable
      • Versioning

        • Named versions
        • A nice UI for going back or displaying differences
  7. High-importance tools & workflows

    • Machine learning
    • Genome assembly/Long-read analysis
    • Spatial analyses
  8. Executable Workflow Editor Tour(s) and tutorials
  9. Standalone workflow graph view (builds on reactive workflow editor work, with UI/UX)

    • For Static Page, Progress View, Pages / Workflow Reports
    • Entry in Galaxy-hub for every (new or updated) workflow
  10. Schema for job and test definitions

    • Make it easier and faster to write and validate tests and jobs


  1. Make VGP workflows available on ORG/EU/AU
  2. Deployment of iRODS on .org
  3. Evaluate/collect all hacks that are currently used to keep usegalaxy.* working. Talk to WGs to get it fixed, or make plans to improve deployments

    • Potential candidates:

      • Fix toolbox handling
      • Data-managers
      • Better errror reporting
      • tmp/cache cleaning
  4. Metascheduling

    • switching .eu and .org to TPV
    • deciding on how to emit Pulsar state information to implement metascheduling
    • creating one big pulsar network for usegalaxy.? (failover, more resilient usegalaxy. services)
  5. Reference data handling

Outreach and Training

  1. Provide better support for the GTN & outreach

    • Editing GTN
    • Search and apply for GTN related funding
  2. GTN infrastructure help
  3. Grow & diversify the Galaxy Event Horizon to reach wider audiences

    • Actively encourage Galaxy team members to present at conferences & locally
    • Work with the community members to help them publish & publicize their work