Login to Galaxy Using Social and Institutional Identities

This page explains how to use this feature, for admin-specific docs, please refer to the configuration page.

In addition to the built-in username and password option for creating and managing users accounts, Galaxy also allows login using social and institutional identities (e.g., Google).

This feature and its supported identity providers may differ between different Galaxy instances, depending on how that instance is configured by its administrator (admins, read how to enable and configure this login option).

New users can use this feature to login to Galaxy without having to explicitly create a Galaxy user account. Instead, the account will be created automatically. Users with existing Galaxy accounts (eg, using Galaxy username and password) can associate their account with 3rd party identities. For instance, if a user associates their Galaxy account with their Google account, then they can login to Galaxy either using their Galaxy username and password or their Google account. Whichever method they use they will be assuming same Galaxy user account, hence having access to the same histories, workflows, datasets, libraries, etc.

Currently, Galaxy supports the following identity providers (the list of enabled/configured identity providers on different Galaxy instances may be different):