Galaxy and the Cloud

The Galaxy project makes opportunistic use of cloud computing to offer multiple services suitable for different use cases. This page outlines the available options, summarizing the most suitable option for a given use case.

Managed Galaxy servers, ready to use

Usegalaxy.* is a world-wide federation of managed Galaxy servers that are free and ready to use. These are shared resources that provide a generous allocation of compute and storage resources along with hundreds of tools and reference genomes. Learning and performing analysis of non-private or non-protected datasets are the perfect use cases for these services. These servers make use of various cloud providers (e.g., NSF Jetstream) to accommodate large workloads.


Dedicated Galaxy instances, including use with protected datasets

AnVIL is a cloud-based platform where anyone can get access to Galaxy as well as direct access to a plethora of datasets. Currently, there is about 4PB of human data available in AnVIL that are linked directly into Galaxy. The AnVIL platform carries the US FedRamp certification, which means protected and private datasets can be uploaded and analyzed on this resource.


Infrastructure for training events

If you are an instructor or a trainer delivering workshops and would like an experience that offers responsive job execution directly on or servers, there is Training Infrastructure as a Service, or TIaaS. With TIaaS trainers can register that they wish to have a training event, administrators can approve the request and allocate capacity to that training event. During an event, participants join a training group via a URL and receive priority for job execution, ensuring that training events run smoothly and are not affected by significant server load or power users running their analyses.