Before starting Cloudgene, it is necessary to start Cloudera Manager service first. Once it is running, start the Cloudgene service. Both of these services can be started via CloudMan's Admin page by clicking on Start next to the service name. Once running, the application is available under /cloudgene URI.

For more info about Cloudgene, please visit or check out more Cloudgene workflows at Michigan Imputation Server or mtDNA-Server.

This tutorial describes the "Hello World" example (=Wordcount) and its Cloudgene integration:

Login with the default credentials: (admin / admin1978)

Select your data. In this case just upload a plain text file:

Data is uploaded:

Job is started and in waiting queue:

Job is running:

Job is finished:

Download results. In this case there are seperate files, this can of course be changed automatically to auto merge and zip file format:

The Admin Dashboard allows to maintain your service, check recent jobs or assign workflows to users:

"Services" tab allows to manage your service for updates (=blocking queue) or maintenance status.