Galaxy Developer Roundtable

Goodbye Developer Roundtables

Working Groups have changed the way Galaxy operates, for the better. One of those changes is that the need for roundtable talks has largely disappeared, as working group meetings are covering the topics that used to be reserved for round tables. Because of that, we are saying goodbye to developer roundtable talks. For more information on how working groups serve this need, please see this blog post.

Galaxy Developer Round Table


This is an opportunity for presenters (Galaxy users, developers, admins) to engage with the Galaxy developer community interactively. Some example presentation slots might include:

Small sized slots (~5 min) presenting particular Galaxy issues, well developed questions, or focused advocacy. Medium sized slots (~10min) presenting big pull requests benefiting from a lot of discussion (from recent examples interactive tools, Galaxy markdown, history rewrite, etc..) or presentations of user or admin stories to advocate to a developer audience. Longer slots (20min+) to practice conference style-presentations about larger bodies of work.

These are just some initial ideas and time allocation doesn’t need to map cleanly to these ideas. One can easily imagine very long discussions or presentations being relevant to this audience. We only ask presenters to have publicly available slides. If you wish to start a discussion on a particular point, please be ready to lead the discussion and have at least one slide available.

These meetings are intended to be lightweight and informal, these sessions will be cancelled if no one volunteers to present. We expect some weeks no one will have anything to present and this is fine. We won’t track down people to present for the sake of consistency - this is an opportunity for presenters not an obligation for developers generally - the Galaxy committers group may however encourage presentations for large, disruptive PRs to facilitate interactive pull request reviews by more committers.


Anyone is welcome to attend. If you would like to present, please fill out this form by midday Wednesday of that week.


Every other Thursday at Noon ET (4pm UTC) as long as there are one or more presenters for that week.

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