Project Management Office

Keywords: Project management, support, coordination, international opportunities, roadmap, coc, well-being, community

The Galaxy Project Management Office (PMO) is an entity in the Galaxy governance structures, distributed across time zones, that aims at supporting the transition towards the new governance model and its future maintenance, ensuring that all the different structures are functioning as described and in an efficient and coordinated way. Furthermore, the PMO takes care of:

  • Efficient project information flows in and out of governance bodies by

    • Communicating relevant issues raised by other internal and external groups.
    • Communicating relevant activities to the community through news, blog posts and/or in the Galaxy community calls.
  • Open project corporate knowledge by

    • Standardizing and managing meeting arrangements, documentation of discussion and decisions from all project governance structures (Executive Board, GGSC, Working Groups).
    • Curating meeting agendas, discussion, recording and action records.
  • Building bridges between internal governance entities by facilitating communication between different governance and community entities in the project (Executive Board, GGSC, Working Groups).

The PMO is not aiming at managing grant resources or increasing the bureaucracy within the project.

Specific Support to Governance Structures

  • Support the Galaxy Executive Board

    • Ensure a certain regularity in the meetings.
    • Gather concerns from the different entities and report to the Executive Board.
    • Support building an agenda for the meeting.
    • Attend those meetings when needed.
    • Inform the community about the decisions made (via a blog post in the Hub).
  • Support the Galaxy Global Steering Committee

    • Support the chair when building the agenda.
    • Attend the meeting.

      • Communicate relevant activities in other governance and external entities.
      • Logistics: record the call, take notes, make recording available.
  • Support the organization of Galaxy Working Groups meetings every tertile.

    • Plan meetings ahead of time.
    • Provide template slides.
    • Inform Working Groups about expectations.
    • Oversee and summarize the goals of each WG (e.g. having an interaction graph showing cross-WG goals).
  • Support the Technical & Community Boards.

    • Plan meetings when needed.
    • Provide scaffolding for meetings.
    • Attend the meeting when needed.

General Support to the Project

  • Roadmap curation and communication.

    • Ensure that the roadmap is created involving all the governance structures.
    • Set up template, circulate it through the different structures with deadlines.
    • Publish the roadmap in the Hub.
  • Project culture and well-being support for staff and contributors.

    • Participate in the Code of Conduct Committee.
    • Ensure that new team members are welcomed an have an general onboarding procedure to follow when joining the project.
    • Care about the well-being of the team and community members.

PMO Membership

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