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Directory of Communities of Practice

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Metabolomics Community-sdriven metabolomics Galaxy service. The main aim is to give people a public space to discover and run metabolomics tools.
Ecology A web platform to get, process, analyze and visualize ecological data.
Genome Annotation A complete Galaxy instance for Genome Annotation.
Climate The Climate Science workbench is a comprehensive set of analysis tools and consolidated workflow.
Proteomics Galaxy-based platform for the functional analysis and the interpretation of proteomics and transcriptomics data in biomedical research.
Natural Language Processing An open, interoperable web service platform for natural language processing (NLP) research and development.
MicroGalaxy Anything regarding microbial data analysis in Galaxy, with meetings, working groups, chat and mailing list
Public Health Announcements and discussion in the Galaxy Public Health Community.
Small Scale Servers Admins of small scale Galaxy servers.
Machine Learning A comprehensive set of data preprocessing, machine learning, deep learning and visualisation tools, and consolidated workflows for end-to-end machine learning analysis.
Materials Science A Galaxy workbench with tools and workflows for materials science, including muon spectroscopy.
Single cell
Single-cell Workbench Human cell atlas Workbench
Group of single cell tool developers, trainers and users to help connect outreach, user needs, and computationalists.

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