Galaxy Graphics


For logos and other (mostly wiki-related) images please see Images page.


We use Font Awesome (FA) icons and they should carry the same or very similar meaning across the whole Galaxy.

Icon FA name Galaxy meaning Link
TODO fa-sitemap fa-rotate-270 Workflow sitemap
TODO fa-wrench Tool wrench
TODO fa-file-o Dataset file-o
TODO fa-folder-o Dataset Colleciton file-folder-o
fa-search Search within the domain search
fa-pencil Edit the corresponding item pencil
fa-times Delete the corresponding item times
fa-eye View the connected data eye
fa-tags Edit tags for datasets, histories... tags
fa-check-square-o Switch to batch mode processing check-square-o
fa-comment Edit annotations comment
fa-refresh Refresh / reload / run again (job) refresh
fa-th Scratchbook th
fa-cog History menu / Configuration / Settings cog
fa-upload Upload data to Galaxy upload
fa-trash-o Delete trash-o
fa-exclamation-triangle Warning exclamation-triangle
fa-times-circle Close the popup / clear search times-circle
fa-plus Add element/item plus
fa-download Download (library item) download
fa-book Galaxy History book
fa-question-circle Help question-circle
fa-info-circle View details info-circle
fa-floppy-o Download (history item) floppy-o
fa-bar-chart-o Visualize data bar-chart-o
fa-plus-circle Create a new tab plus-circle
fa-minus-circle Remove a tab minus-circle
fa-magic Open wizard to create something new magic
fa-caret-left Return to previous page/element caret-left