Globus Genomics and several other cloud-based solution in data storage and management

Globus Genomics and Galaxy

Next - generation sequencing (NGS) technology revolution has brought an influx of large-scale data, where storage and management, processing and integration, validation for quality, has become quite a challenge in biomedical industry. FDA and other regulatory bodies have been working to develop a regulatory framework for NGS applications in various fields, based on validated analytical standards that would ensure that NGS tests produce accurate and reliable results.

In order to find answers to biomedical questions, ranging from evolutionary heritage to the functioning of cellular molecular machinery, and address the challenges faced, NGS data analysis and bioinformatics solutions have to be discussed among all the stakeholders.

After the overwhelming response from our last annual, MarketsandMarkets Conferences is pleased to announce the ‘2nd annual NGS Data Analysis and Informatics Conference' to be held on 6th - 7th February 2017 in San Diego, CA – USA, a conference that will be a platform to combine unique perspectives from a variety of researchers, engineers, biostatisticians and software developers from pharma and research community involved in NGS data analysis.