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Galaxy @ Genome Informatics 2017

Galaxy will be featured in talks and posters at the 2017 Genome Informatics meeting. Here are the details:

Day Time Topic Presenter
Thursday Nov 2 1:30pm P29: Choosing the best of all worlds—à la carte access to extant and emergent best-practice metagenomic pipelines Dan Blankenberg
1:30pm P46: GDCWebApp—Filtering, extracting, and converting genomic and clinical data from the Genomic Data Commons Portal Fabio Cumbo
1:30pm P48: Streamlining the installation of thousands of bioinformatics software packages with Bioconda Ryan Dale
1:30pm P90: Hybrid assembly of small genomes in Galaxy Dephine Laviviere
9:00pm Enhancing pre-defined workflows with ad hoc analytics using Galaxy, Docker and Jupyter Anton Nekrutenko
Friday Nov 3 5:30pm P192: Quality assessment and large-scale integration of chromosome conformation capture datasets James Taylor