Galaxy @ ISMB/ECCB 2017 & BOSC 2017

it's everywhere

  • Date: July 21st 2017- July 25th 2017
  • Location: Prague, Czechia
  • Contact: Presenters

Galaxy has a significant presence at ISMB/ECCB 2017 and BOSC 2017. This page lists all known Galaxy related events and presentations. If you have something that isn't listed, please add it below (or send it to Galaxy Outreach).

ISMB/ECCB 2017 runs 21-25 July. BOSC 2017 runs 22-23 July, and is now integrated into the main ISMB/ECCB schedule.

21 July, Friday

Time Topic Presenter(s) Where
14:30 Tutorial PM6: Making Galaxy Work for You (You can still register) Martin Čech, John Chilton, Bjorn Gruning North Hall, ISMB/ECCB

22 July, Saturday

Time Topic Presenter(s) Where Links
12:08 Discovery and visualisation of homologous genes and gene families using Galaxy Anil S. Thanki Meeting Hall IV, BOSC
15:00 The backbone of research reproducibility: sustainable and flexible tool deployment Bjorn Gruning Meeting Hall IV, BOSC
15:28 A Ubiquitous Approach to Reproducible Bioinformatics across Computational Platforms John Chilton Meeting Hall IV, BOSC
16:30 TT03: Supporting highly scalable scientific data analysis with Galaxy James Taylor Terrace 1 Slides
18:00 A-113: SIAMCAT - Statistical Inference of Associations between Microbial Communities And host phenoTypes Konrad Zych BOSC, Congress Foyer, Level 2
18:00 A-149: Discovery and visualisation of homologous genes and gene families using Galaxy Anil Thanki BOSC, Congress Foyer, Level 2 Poster
18:00 A-207: Scalable and accessible clustering of ncRNAs based on sequence and secondary structures Milad Miladi Congress Foyer, Level 2

23 July, Sunday

Time Topic Presenter(s) Where
11:04 Building an open, collaborative, online infrastructure for bioinformatics training Bérénice Batut Meeting Hall IV, BOSC
11:30 Recent object formation in the core of Galaxy Martin Čech Meeting Hall IV, BOSC
11:45 ToolDog - generating tool descriptors from the ELIXIR tool registry Kenzo-Hugo Hillion Meeting Hall IV, BOSC
18:00 A-166: Scaling Bioinformatics Training: An ELIXIR, GOBLET & Galaxy Training Network Collaboration Bérénice Batut Congress Foyer, Level 2
18:00 A-170: ELIXIR-SI eLearning platform as a new tool in bioinformatics (teaching) Andrej Kastrin Congress Foyer, Level 2
18:00 A-402: InMoDe: tools for learning and visualizing intra-motif dependencies of DNA binding sites Ralf Eggeling RegGenSig, Congress Foyer, Level 2

24 July, Monday

Time Topic Presenter(s) Where
12:45 BoF B4: What can the Galaxy Project do for you? Martin Čech, John Chilton, Bjorn Gruning, James Taylor Meeting Hall V
18:00 B-079: Development of a bioinformatics pipeline for the routine analysis of viral whole genome sequencing data Qiang Fu Congress Foyer, Level 2
18:00 B-365: Comparison of open source (galaxy based) and commercial pipelines for RNA-Seq data analysis Slave Trajanoski Congress Foyer, Level 2
20:00 Galaxy Community Dinner Martin Čech VYŠEHRADSKÝ RESTAURANT KANDELÁBR

25 July, Tuesday

Time Topic Presenter(s) Where
10:20 TT24: Galaxy Interactive Environments: Combining the computational power of Galaxy with the analytical flexibility of Jupyter Anton Nekrutenko Terrace 1
13:00 B-018: MINTIA : Metagenomic INsertT Bioinformatic Annotation in Galaxy Christophe Klopp Congress Foyer, Level 2