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Galaxy-P @ Metaproteome Symposium 2018

4 talks using Galaxy for Metaproteomics

The Galaxy-P Project will be giving 4 presentations at 3rd International Metaproteome Symposium in Leipzig.

Date Time Topic Presenter
Mon Dec 3 11:45 metaQuantome: An integrated, quantitative metaproteomics approach reveal connections between taxa, function & protein expression in microbiomes Pratik Jagtap
Wed Dec 5 10:00 Multi‐omic informatics for characterizing microbiomes and their role in health disease and environment Timothy Griffin, Magnus Arntzen
10:15 Survey of metaproteomics software tools for functional microbiome analysis Pratik Jagtap
10:30 Slice and Splice: An accessible Galaxy-based metaproteomic database sectioning approach improves taxonomic and functional microbiome characterization Praveen Kumar