Introduction to Genomics and its application in different medical specialties and introduction to Galaxy project for analyzing genome sequences


  • About Genomisr initiative
  • Introduction about the Field of Genomics
  • Real world applications of the field in different medical specialties
  • CRISPR Genome editing applications in medicine
  • Analyzing genome sequences from lab to clinic
  • Introduction about galaxy platform
  • Training on the main features of the platform


Dr.Abdelazeem Abdelhameed Elhabyan (intern at Tanta university Hospitals

  • Founder of Genomisr Initiative
  • Regional trainer in Middle East and Africa
  • Founder of Galaxy Arabic
  • International leaders in genomic medicine program (Genomics England)
  • Member of Faculty of Genomic medicine (England)


Tanta University Faculty of medicine 6th floor computer lab


on Wednesday 27th of March from 10 to 2 pm

Reservation for Free

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