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Galaxy @ JOBIM 2019

l’occasion de découvrir les avancées scientifiques et techniques en analyse, comparaison et exploitation des données biologiques

Galaxy will be presented at JOBIM 2019, in Nantes, France, 2-5 July. This includes at least two talks and a poster. Here's what we know about so far:

Date Time Topic Room Links Contact
Wednesday, 3 July 11:40-12:40 LC-MS/MS tool and interactive visualizations integration on Galaxy Workflow4Metabolomics infrastructure Julien Saint-Vanne
Thursday, 4 July 15:50-16:10 ProteoRE, a Galaxy-based platform for the annotation and the interpretation of proteomics data in biomedical research Room 200 David Christiany
15:55-16:10 Shiny and Galaxy interactive software for multi-source data analysis Auditorium 450 Etienne Camenen


Topic Links Contact
Metagenomic analysis of an african beer ecosystem using Food Microbiome Transfert application Poster Sam Ah-Lone, et al.