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Reproducible Genomic Data Analysis with the Galaxy Workbench

Indigenizing the future of STEM

9:30 - 11:20, Friday, October 11, Room 202 A

This hands-on workshop will introduce genomic data science through guided exercises using the Galaxy workbench (https://galaxyproject.org/). Participants will learn principles of human genomics, be introduced to data science best practices using Galaxy, and perform analysis on genomic data with interactive and batch based approaches.

Workshop participants will be introduced to practical examples of how genomic data is used in research and clinical applications, highlighting techniques, technologies, and platforms used in genomic analysis. The current state of genomic science will be presented, with emphasis on population level sequencing projects involving hundreds of thousands of genomes, and analysis platforms that can scale to meet the demands of such projects.

Participants will engage in guided activities using the Galaxy workbench to demonstrate best practices of data analysis. Hands-on exercises will expose participants to Galaxy features that enable accessibility, reproducibility, and transparency in data analysis pipelines. Participants will work through sample pipelines analyzing population level human variation, characterization of disease variants, and data visualization.

Participants of this workshop will achieve an understanding of Genomic Data Science. The presentations and hands-on exercises will provide practical exposure to the field of Genomics for young scholars.