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Biocompute Objects: Methods for communicating provenance of data and analysis

The workshop features an intro talk, then 3 brief tool demos, show examples from data.glygen.org and data.oncomx.org, briefly discuss how they are used, and then show the Portal tool that can be used for making them. We will then do the same for the AWS HIVE instance and the AWS Galaxy instance.

After that we will have breakout sessions for live discussion.


  • 10-15 min Intro
  • 15 min Portal Platform
  • 15 min HIVE Platform
  • 15 min Galaxy Platform
  • 45 min Breakout sessions


There is a Slack workspace set up to facilitate communication between organizers and participants. If you are interested in attending any of these workshops please email biocuration2020 @ gmail.com and we will send you an invite to the Slack workspace.