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Galaxy Paper Cuts Day

A community contribution day

Paper cuts are annoying but easy to fix bugs.

Our aim is to improve the Galaxy experience by fixing them, and we need your help, and we would like to grow the Galaxy contributor community.

We will meet once a month, for a one-day collaboration fest, dedicated to reducing Papercuts in the Galaxy ecosystem. And this is our first event.

There are several goals:

  • Make the Galaxy experience be a pleasure and productive by removing and reducing irritants.
  • Grow the Galaxy contributor community by holding regular events and identify easy but informative things to fix.
  • Work together and enjoy the community.
  • Dedicate time together for bug-fixing.
  • Make reducing Papercuts fun.

This is the first Papercuts collaboration fest and is fortuitously part of Hacktoberfest! This will be a 24h event, spanning all time zones with our worldwide community. We'll start at 9am Sydney time, and end at 6pm Portland time.

Issues to work on

Here are links to the issues identified as potential targets for papercuts day:

Join us in our regular video calls


Europe-Middle East-Africa

Americas (⬆ and ⬇)


Interested? Please let us know by registering your interest. We'll send you information before and after the event.

Before the event

If you are a Galaxy user or admin, you can create, or tag existing, GitHub issues for any irritating, but likely easily fixed bugs (make a guess). These can be in any part of Galaxy, not just the core engine, and includes training, documentation, and other software.

If you don't have a GitHub or Gitter account yet, then set them up (in that order).

If you have time, and want to learn more about contributing you are encouraged to review:

During the event

We will have video calls throughout the day and be on Gitter for chat all day long. Please take advantage of both to communicate with your collaborators around the world.

After the event

Get those pull requests in! And address anything from the review! And become more involved in the Galaxy code, training, and documentation base!


Communication will happen through GitHub, Gitter channels and Zoom. Links will be posted here before the event. If you register your interest (see above), we'll send you email too.