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Webinar: Use Galaxy on the web, the cloud, and your laptop too

Options for using Galaxy: everywhere and right now

11am-Noon, Eastern US time (see your time)

There are many ways that researchers can access Galaxy. This webinar will introduce participants to a range of options for using Galaxy instances around the world, and on your own laptop too.

In one hour (or less !) this webinar will cover:

  • Publicly accessible Galaxy servers on the web (there are over 100 of them)
  • Research and commercial cloud platforms, from Australia (Nectar) to the US (Jetstream, AnVIL), and everywhere in between (CloudLaunch)
  • On your laptop, using pre-packaged containers and virtual machines.

Please join us, online, Wednesday. December 9 at 11am, Eastern US time (see your time) to learn about the myriad ways to use Galaxy.