Radiometabolomics: Identification of Metabolic Predictors of Radiation Late Effects

Plus recent developments and future plans in the Galaxy Metabolomics community

  • Date: May 6th 2021
  • Location: Galaxy Metabolomics Community Call, Online Freiburg, Germany
  • Contact: Melanie Föll, Amrita Cheema

When: 14:00 CET

Zoom Link

This Galaxy Metabolomics Community call will be held 06 May at 14:00 CET. We'll have a guest speaker: Amrita Cheema, Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington DC, will present "Radiometabolomics: Identification of Metabolic Predictors of Radiation Late Effects". Amrita is involved in the ABRF Metabolomics Research Group and we hope to discuss with her about training and standardization in metabolomics.

If time allows, we will also discuss if there is interest in working on metabolomic tool(s) during the GCC hackathon. Suggestions for potential tools are more than welcome.

Please join us.

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