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Galaxy Papercuts CoFest Day

A community contribution day

Paper cuts are annoying but easy to fix friction points. Papercuts CoFests are virtual, global, day-long events that improve the Galaxy ecosystem by addressing these issues. They are also an opportunity for new contributors to become better connected with the Galaxy community.


  • Make the Galaxy experience be a pleasure and be productive by removing and reducing irritants.
  • Grow the Galaxy contributor community by holding regular events.
  • Identify easy but informative issues to fix.
  • Work together and enjoy the community.
  • Dedicate time together for bug-fixing.
  • Make reducing paper cuts fun.

This will be a 24h event, spanning all time zones with our worldwide community.


On Papercuts Day, please join us on Gitter (all day), and on 3 calls held throughout the day (arranged to cover the globe).

If you don't have a GitHub or Gitter (or Elements/Matrix) account yet, then set them up (in that order).

Before the event

If you are a Galaxy user or admin, you can create, or tag existing GitHub issues for any irritating, but likely easily fixed bugs (make a guess). These can be in any part of Galaxy, not just the core engine, and includes training, documentation, and other software.


If you have time, and want to learn more about contributing you are encouraged to review:

During the event

We will be on Gitter for chat all day long, and on 3 calls spread across the day. Please take advantage of both to communicate with your collaborators around the world.

Issues to work on

Here are links to the issues identified as potential targets for Papercuts Day:

Repo / Project Working Group What is it? Tags
Galaxy Server Backend, User Interface / User Experience Galaxy server and front end. paper-cut
BioBlend Backend The Galaxy Python API. paper-cut
Galaxy Tools Extension & Galaxy Language Server Backend Galaxy Tool Language Server. paper-cut
Galaxy Admin Training Admin Training materials for Galaxy Admin Training. paper-cut
CloudMan Admin Managing instances on cloud infrastructures. good first issue
Ansible Galaxy Admin Galaxy deployment recipes. paper-cut
IUC Tools Tools Wrappers for popular tools in Galaxy. paper-cut
Galaxy Training Network Outreach, Training & Support Training materials. Collaboration Fest ideas, newcomer-friendly, paper-cut
Galaxy Hub Outreach, Training & Support The Galaxy Community web site. paper-cut

After the event

Get those pull requests in! And address anything from the review! And become more involved in the Galaxy code, training, and documentation base!