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Galaxy @ Plant & Animal Genome XXIX (PAG 2022)

Galaxy is for Plants and Animals too...

Galaxy had a strong presence at Plant and Animal Genome XXIX (PAG 2022, in San Diego, California, United States, January 8-12. This includes a Galaxy Workshop as well as other talks and posters featuring Galaxy.

Date Time Topic Session Links Contact
Saturday, January 8
Sunday, January 9 10:40-11:00 How to Train Your Student to Do Bioinformatic Research in the Galaxy Ecosystem Using Phage Resources and Programs for Undergraduate Education in Genomics Jolene R. Ramsey
Monday, January 10
Tuesday, January 11 4:00-4:20 Introduction to Galaxy and the Galaxy Ecosystem Galaxy: An Open Platform for Data Analysis and Integration Mike Schatz
4:20-6:10 Machine Learning in Galaxy: A Worked Example Using Fruit Image Datasets Galaxy: An Open Platform for Data Analysis and Integration Kaivan Kamali
Wednesday, January 12
TBD TBD Integrating, Visualizing and Analyzing Tree Environment, Phenotype and Genotype Using Cartograplant, Wildtype and Tripal Galaxy Irene Coho-Simón

We will add more presentations here, as they are posted.