CollaborationFests, also known as CoFests (and sometimes as "hackathons" - see below), are collaborative work events where we expand and improve the Galaxy community and the Galaxy ecosystem. Sometimes these gatherings are focused on Galaxy, and sometimes they are part of larger communities.

What's in a name: CollaborationFests and Hackathons

We collaborate.

Galaxy collaborative events are emphatically called CollaborationFests rather than Hackathons. Putting Collaboration in the name emphasizes what the events are about for us, and Fest communicates that there are fun events (which they are).

"Hackathon" implies an emphasis on code. CoFests are about contributing and learning how to contribute to all aspects of Galaxy, including training material, community infrastructure, documentation, unit tests, bug reports, and yes, even code. First and foremost Galaxy CoFests are about growing the community of future contributors.


Papercut events are CoFests that address annoying, but easy to fix bugs ("paper cuts"). Papercut CoFests are 24 hour, worldwide collaborative events, dedicated to

  • reducing irritants in the Galaxy ecosystem
  • and welcoming new contributors by guiding them through the process of fixing these irritants and thus becoming contributors to Galaxy.

See the Papercuts CoFests home page for more information and the date of the next event.

Stay Informed

Want to know when CoFests are coming? Follow @GalaxyProject on Twitter or subscribe to the Galaxy-Announce mailing list. See the Galaxy Event Horizon for a complete list of upcoming events.

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Upcoming CoFests


Recent CoFests

Events in the past 12 months:

24 June 20242024 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2024)

The annual gathering of the Galaxy Community with opportunities to hear latest developments, get training, and meet everyone involved.

Brno, Czech RepublicTraining offered by GTN Member Organizing Committee