Why are wrapper scripts needed? How can we get rid of most of them?

splitting dbkey and species with metadata, have both available, add new field to builds.txt?

pipes between tools in workflows. mcatpipe?

datatypes in toolshed... need to be outside of tool.

datatypes folders, drop in individual xml and python files, discovered on startup (similar to tool discovery added at recent NBIC hackathon)

More documentation!!!

Email alert on wiki documentation update

Tags to cached email list?

Forum vs. email list. Likely to submit "Experiences" to a forum (less likely to an email list)

Nested Workflows and ability to Black box as a tool.

Per User customization of Tool Menu. Hiding (able to unhide). A Favorites List (could be set by user, or predefined by an admin).

Does tool search work on tool names?

Permissions on Tools.

Admin API

Is update (galaxy) script available to community.

Datatype driven tool discovery (click on dataset, )

Input Tool Action (hide inputs, have 30 datasets, want to )

Limiting resources on a per user basis.

Splitting input files (into specified number of chunks, per user), run on

Allow workflow rerunning. (all parameters set last time (runtime), input datasets)

Checkbox conditionals (multiple select).

Tool form, use ajax, not form refresh


  • Dan Blankenberg
  • Sarah Diehl
  • Colin Molter
  • Weizhong Li (
  • Ross Lazarus
  • Frederik Coppens
  • Peter Briggs
  • Pieter Neerincx
  • Anthony Underwood
  • Bernardo Clavijo
  • Marcel Kempenaar