Feedback on GCC2011


The 2011 Galaxy Community Conference was held 25-26 May, at the Conference Centre De Werelt in Lunteren, The Netherlands.

We received feedback from 73 participants.

Would you recommend future Galaxy meetings to others?**

Answer # % Comments
Yes 72 99%
Yes, but ... 1 1% The one response was "there was a bit too much info from the field, and not enough from the core development team."
No 0 0

How useful was the meeting?

Weight Answer # % Comments
4 Exceptional 21 29%
3 Above Average 42 58%
2 Average 9 12%
1 Below Average 1 1% This might have been a misclick. The same person indicated above average organization and "Exceeded my expectations" for the meeting. No criticism was provided.
0 Not at all 0 0%

Average weighted score: 3.14 out of 4 (just above "Above Average")

Was the meeting well run and organized?

Weight Answer # % Comments
4 Exceptional 28 38%
3 Above Average 40 55%
2 Average 5 7%
1 Below Average 0 0%
0 Not at all 0 0%

Average weighted score: 3.32 out of 4 (just above "Above Average")

Did the meeting meet your expectations?

Weight Answer # % Comments
2 Exceeded 38 52%
1 Met 35 48%
0 Fell short 0 0%

Average weighted score: 1.52 out of 2 (halfway between "Met" and "Exceeded")

And a sampling of other comments in the feedback:

  • I'm looking at setting up a new Galaxy instance for my research organisation and this conference answered all my questions and more about how best to go about this.
  • Really nice conference, nice people
  • It was awesome to meet the actual team behind all this and approach them directly with questions.
  • One big realization was the fact that we're all having the same issues on the biomedical field, it's good to share those insights.
  • I think the format was perfect. A good series of talks, lighting talks, and some nice discussion in the break out group.
  • The meeting was well orginized!
  • Just keeping on doing what you just did!
  • It was just awesome :) Keep the great work guys !
  • Thanks for all the good work, both the conference organization and galaxy itself! Keep on.
  • The organisation was excellent!
  • Conference was very well organization. Its amazing to see participation from so many organizations.
  • Fantastic venue, relaxed atmosphere, fantastic organisation and great to interact with the community as a whole.
  • I also found that the frequent opportunities to interact with other Galaxy users and developers very useful, and which was helped by having everything on the single site.
  • The relaxed atmosphere encouraged interaction and discussion.
  • The community aspect was most useful; the chance to talk to the devs and to other people in a similar situation to our institution.
  • Good sense of community and the desire to help each other out.

And my two favorites:

  • Graag gedaan!
  • Avoid volcanic eruptions