Using Galaxy with Heterogeneous and Remote Resources

GCC2014 BoFs!

This page describes the Using Galaxy with Heterogeneous and Remote ResourcesBirds of a Feather meetup being held at GCC2014.

When: Tuesday, July 1, 5:45pm

Where: Salon A

Contact: [Philip Blood](mailto:blood AT psc DOT edu), John Chilton, Nate Coraor, Carrie Ganote


We'll summarize recent efforts to enable Galaxy Main to send jobs to remote HPC resources (XSEDE) and invite others to share related experiences and requirements. We'll discuss a path to overcome challenges and better meet the needs of the research community.


Anyone (users or admins) interested in leveraging remote or heterogeneous hardware resources with their Galaxy instances.

When and Where

When Tuesday, July 1, 5:45pm
Where TBD

Who is Participating

If you are interested, please add your name below and/or send an email to [Your Name](mailto:your AT email DOT address).


Discussion included

  • Deploying Galaxy on clusters
  • Touched on deployment of Galaxy on TACC resources
  • Talked about submitting jobs locally, using pulsar, to add more control and functionality to job handling
  • Explored ideas about HIPAA data on resources such as Galaxy

Possible action items:

  • more documentation would be great (ideas on where to start when you have multiple machines).
  • ...


Send them to [Philip Blood](mailto:blood AT psc DOT edu).